Martial arts academy Perth


Martial Arts aim to develop all aspects of an individual’s existence. Passion, discipline, respect, honour and strength (both physical and mental) apply to almost every area of life. Martial Arts can greatly help an individual develop these foundational skills, and, in turn, help them to develop in any other areas they apply themselves to.
Though the historical origin of martial arts was self-defence, and thought their present popularity owes much to the exploitation films of the 60’s and 70’s, modern martial arts can de-emphasis the combat origins of the sport and concentrate on fitness and therapeutic benefits.
A nurturing, encouraging environment with a positive attitude is essential for developing martial arts abilities and the associated skills. Progress is about individuals developing in this environment and approaching their potential. Experienced coaching, encouraging technical ability, control, leadership and understanding, does not so much encourage adherence to a system as it allows an individual to become a better version of themselves. Experienced individual can take the knowledge and skills learnt in idea situations and use them to better cope with and perhaps improve less than ideal situations in their lives.
The ideals promoted in almost every martial art strongly resemble values seen in many religious, spiritual, social and family orientated ideologies. Martial arts allows individuals to approach these ubiquitous, perhaps universal values, such as honour, loyalty, faithfulness, honesty, humility with strength, respect for elders, and the mindset that seeks to benefit others.

United Martial Arts Academy and Fitness School is administered by a master with a university degree in physical education, undoubtedly one of the best in the field. Programmes are varied according to the age and need of individuals, and times are flexible. Never ending improvement in encouraged in a fully equipped martial arts facility.
For any martial arts Perth based school, the United Martial Arts and fitness Academy, is an excellent choice.