Martial Arts Taekwondo

Taekwondo Perth

The United Martial Arts and Fitness Academy seeks to harness the art of Taekwondo to develop respect, discipline, honour and strength and maximise health and well-being for students and ourselves.
Historically Taekwondo philosophy incorporated five tenets:
– Ye-Ui, courtesy
– Yom-Chi, integrity
– In-Nae, perseverance, patience
– Guk-Gi, self-discipline
– Beakjul-bool-gul, invincibility of spirit

Though modern Taekwondo developed from several different martial arts practiced in South Korea after the Japanese occupation in the mid-20th century, making it a general term for several different branches of martial arts, there have always been the basic five tenets and some other general ideological principles in the art(s). As well as complying with principles of the sport itself and the respecting of superiors all students of Taekwondo were taught never to abuse the practice of their skills, to stand up to freedom and justice and to cooperate in the creation of a more peaceful world.
The fact that Taekwondo is virtually the only Asian martial art (along with Judo) recognised as an Olympic event is testimony to its influence and reputation.

If you are interested in studying Taekwondo, Perth based United Martial Arts and fitness academy is an excellent institution that specializes in the instruction of this respected art form.