MMA Perth

Mixed Martial Arts, Perth

In regards to martial arts Bruce Lee once said that we should be like a liquid, being like and adapting to the container we are in. This is not too far removed from some of the ideas of mixed martial arts, where different disciplines are combined into one program, and can be used as the situation requires.

Historically Taekwondo developed from several Korean marital arts that reappeared after the Japanese occupation, and the banning of much Korean culture. Many martial arts have often incorporated influential concept from other forms of martial arts; the similar ideologies regarding honour and truth only underscore the similarities between the various combat traditions. Mixing martial arts together in one program presents no compatibility issues.

An advantage of the mixed approach is the varied curriculum, and the fact that the best aspects of each discipline can be taught. The result challenges an individual with a mixture of techniques that prepare them for realistic streetwise combat. As well leaning grappling and striking techniques individuals truly develop their level of fitness.


For individuals interested in Mixed Martial Arts, Perth based institution the United Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is a fine choice.

Students can look forward to leaning:

  • Effective kicking to use in real life combat situations or street wise kicking
  • Tae Kwon Do, Muay-tai
  • Grappling (Hapkido)
  • Boxing
  • Break falling
  • Self-defence