Can you use taekwondo in a street fight?

One of the favourite questions of the proverbial ‘man on the street’ is whether a certain martial art would be useful in a ‘real fight’. Taekwondo, with its popularity among all genders and age groups, plus its standing as an Olympic sport, is often singled out as ‘pointless’.

Fake Martial Arts in Movies and TV

With hundreds upon hundreds of martial arts styles in existence, why do writers, game designers and filmmakers constantly invent new ones? After all, some that sound made up already exist in the real world. Take, for instance, drunken monkey kung fu where the aim is to emulate the stumblings of a legendary monkey god after

What kind of Martial Art does Batman practice?

 Officially, Batman knows 127 styles of martial arts and puts them all to good effect in the movies. He can also bend rifle barrels with one hand, hang-glide around cities using his cape and drive his car on the roof. What’s our point? Batman’s “martial arts” are as make-believe as the rest of his adventures.