Master Sung Tae Kim – Head Instructor

Master Kim holds a 5th Dan Black belt in TAEKWONDO and 4th Dan Black Belt in HAPKIDO

Mr Kim has been practicing the martial arts for over 26 years.

He was selected to join an elite group of atheletes to live at the Gangwon Physical Education High School which the government sponsors to grow the top atheletes to represent the country.

He served in the SOUTH KOREA MILITARY as FIRST LIEUTENANT where he taught Military martial arts and self defence.

He also served as a bodyguard and secretary to the president of a prominent Korean company.

He achieved a Bachelor of PHYSICAL EDUCATION at the Gangneung National University. This has given him the ultimate knowledge in human movement and development, and a true understanding on how the human body operates and functions, so that he can provide training that not only minimises injury and damage but maximises ultimate function, movement and strength.

He is a previous top medalist in Taekwondo and Hapkido.

He is a qualified Kukkiwon (WTF) instructor and has had 10 years of instructor experience in Korea, Canada and Australia.

His personal drive and passion is to maintain and grow his own skills and continue on his own martial art journey to be the best in his field, so that he has the skill set to coach the best to our students.

Mr Kim himself still undergoes rigorous training for 2-3 hours daily to better his own skills and art.

He attends intensive training every year back in Korea to learn new skills that make him a better martial artist.

“I strongly believe that there is no end in martial arts training, even for a master black belt. I have the mindset of never ending improvement. I strive constantly to improve my skills as well as teaching techniques and never cease to find different ways to improve the quality of the classes and to give my students the best of me and thus bringing out the best in my students.

I believe that together, we can develop our physical abilities and mental focus and maturation. I am dedicated to help my students achieve their goals and reach their full potential. My aims for training my class are keeping a high level of energy, development of focus, balance, speed, strength, proper breathing, flexibililty, respect and CREATING FUN!!”