UMA has decided to change its GRADING System with effective from 29/05/2017 where attendance no longer affecting your chance to get tested.

All members can go for your tiptest during tiptest week regardless of your attendance rating except for those members that only attend once a week class (under old contract). Please check your attendance with staff at the front desk if you have only once a week training membership.

Your tiptest now is based on your ability to show your skills on pattern, kicking, self-defence, and fitness & good attitude. If you are good enough on all these, definitely you will pass the TIPTEST.  Good luck to you all!!

A reminder again, please bring your belt for your TIPTESTING. NO BELT = NO TIPS!! We apologize for the short notice given in regards to this new GRADING SYSTEM. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.