Want to start taekwondo classes but think it’s a kids’ sport? Think again. Try classes for adult taekwondo beginners at United Martial Arts. 

Am I too old to start taekwondo?

Asking if you’re too old to begin taekwondo is like asking if you’re too old to care about your health, your balance, your confidence or your flexibility. The answer is – no!
You’re never too old to begin taekwondo training and enjoy all the benefits of a sport that exercises your mind and your whole body.
Accepting the first answer, many people’s second question is: am I too old to get good at taekwondo? Again, the answer is no.
For sure, most Olympic medallists began before the age of 20, but other famous martial artists, like Chuck Norris and Michelle Yeoh, didn’t even set foot into a dojo until they were adults.

Around the world there are even practitioners in their 90s. So, no matter your age, taekwondo offers some great benefits.
This article will address some of the main points taekwondo adult beginners have as they consider signing up for their first class.

What is the best age to start?

There is no ‘best age’ to start taekwondo. It all depends on your goals. First, taekwondo has a lot of kicking – and, yes, some of them are high kicks. So, while flexibility is a key factor in practicing the full range of this martial art’s moves, being able to “do everything” is not all that relevant for people who pursue taekwondo as exercise.
If you want to compete in open adult taekwondo competitions, the best time to start is usually before the end of your teens (though there are many “late-bloomers”). If you simply want to enjoy a fun way to get fit and stay there, it’s never too late to begin.

Even if you are older and still want to compete, the Pan-Pacific Masters Games has age group competitions right up to 70-plus.

taekwondo for adults

Will I be sparring with kids?

No, you will not be sparring with children. Yes, we teach taekwondo to kids as young as 3 and have age group classes up to 14-year-olds, but what we teach and how we teach those classes is matched to the development of the children.
Adult classes are different and teach movements that match adult strength, flexibility and body proportions. You will learn alongside others at a similar age and level of proficiency.

Are there health benefits from starting taekwondo?

Oh yes! Practising a martial art is about complete personal fitness, not just your body, but your mind and spirit too. Taekwondo is no different, but like every martial art it emphasises certain kinds of fitness because it involves its own kinds of movement.

First: flexibility. Taekwondo both requires and aids flexibility – especially among mature practitioners. We should all stretch more than we do, the trouble is finding the time and the context. An adult taekwondo class is perfect as it will involve a lot of stretching in order for your joints to have both the range and stability needed to get the most from the sport.

Taekwondo is also a great way to get a real cardio work-out in a social space. A high-intensity taekwondo class burns calories just as fast as non-stop jogging! Yet it works more than just your legs.

If you’ve ever done a boxing class at your local gym, you know what a power-packed workout punching is. But, where boxing focuses on the arms, taekwondo involves every part of the body – especially your core, butt and legs.

Last, learning how your body moves and testing and pushing its limits is a confidence booster like no other. Further mental and emotional health benefits of social exercise are well established. It is even scientifically proven to improve memory.

Time to sign up for an adult taekwondo class?

You’ve read the common concerns most adult beginners have when they make the decision to sign up for a taekwondo class. And the result when they do come in for that first lesson? Overwhelmingly positive.

People kick themselves for waiting so long, but they’re also glad to turn those kicks towards full-body fitness with taekwondo when they take come to their first lesson.