Time hold request form

  • You may request a time hold of your membership for medical purposes or holidays.
  • We require a written note from your doctor or documents that provide proof of travel.
  • Membership can be put on a time hold for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 6 months.
  • You must fill out a time hold form prior to your time hold.

Please follow these steps to request a time hold:

Step 1
Decide if your situation requires you to use a time hold

Step 2
Fill out the time hold form at the UMA’s website.

Step 3
Along with your time hold form, also submit proof in the form of a medical certificate or any documents that provides evidence of your reason for requesting a time hold.

Step 4
Your membership will be extended for the period you request.

• You cannot apply for time hold over Christmas break, as this time has been taken into account when calculating the fee structure.
• While on time hold your fortnightly membership will be still paid from your nominated payment arrangement as per normal.