Why UMA?


Here are 9 great reasons to choose our martial arts school for your growth and fitness:

  1. Outstanding Australian fitness academy instructors and role models – our master instructor has a university degree in physical education and human movement and understands how to get maximum results with minimum risk of injury to ensure you achieve your  fitness and physical goals. His extensive background in military self-defence and martial arts training means you get to learn from one of the best in this field. You are about to learn the martial arts as a true art form from a native master.
  2. Program variety – We offer a wide range of programs to make available a varied yet focused training in all aspects of martial arts
  3. Age specific training – We cater to the specific needs of each age group. Training targets the development of each child, their learning and physical abilities. This means that each age group can have fun and get the best for their growth, learning and development at every stage.
  4. World wide recognised certification from in-house gradings and competitions – As we have Kukkiwon qualified instructors to teach and to grade our students you will get certification from our school that is recognised world wide.
  5. Kaizen mindset – Kaizen means “constant and never ending improvement”. At UMA, we live by this mindset so are constantly evaluating, learning and striving to find new ways to constantly improve ourselves, our programs, instruction, skills and facilities so that you get the best from us at all times. We can help you to develop and master the Kaizen mindset  too!
  6. Flexible training times – We are a full-time school which means that we are available every day of the week for training and you can choose a time and day that suits you best.
  7. Purpose built training facility – Rather than using a hired hall, we have a training facility designed specifically for our purposes, with safe padded floors and proper martial arts equipment for training. Better equipment and a better facility means a higher level of safety for everyone who comes to UMA.
  8. Learn some Korean – While you’re at it, why not begin to master another language? Master Kim is fluent in English and Korean and will teach the classes in a combination of the languages, so you will get to experience and learn TKD and arnis as the native artform.
  9. Australian fitness academy instructors – Our amazing instructors want you to be even more successful than they are. They put your needs first and dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your goals.

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Tel: 9414 8880

Email: dojang@unitedmartialarts.com.au

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UMA Cockburn Central

UMA Cockburn Central
1/5 Merino Entrance, Cockburn Central WA 6164, Australia

UMA Willetton

UMA Willetton
2/4 Whyalla St, Willetton WA 6155, Australia
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