Taekwondo Classes

What if your workout didn’t just improve your fitness, but built your confidence, discipline and mindset too? That’s exactly what taekwondo classes at Perth’s United Martial Arts can do.

If you’re bored of the usual exercise classes, why not try a different way to improve fitness, strength, flexibility and balance all at once.

What if your fitness class could give you a full-body workout that’s fun, social and really gets the blood pumping? That’s taekwondo.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something that’ll give your kids a high-energy outlet as well as coordination, self-confidence and self-discipline at levels suited to their growing body and spirit. That’s taekwondo too.

United Martial Arts is where Perth goes for the unique benefits – and fun – of total taekwondo training.


Total taekwondo

A taekwondo class is an all-round program. It works on your:

  • cardio
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • discipline
  • stamina.

As an official Olympic sport, taekwondo is recognised for being an inclusive and holistic inclusive pursuit. Taekwondo classes are:

  • not about aggression, but discipline.
  • not about power, but practice.
  • not about strength, but movement.
  • not about winning, but participation.

You’re never too young or old to begin taekwondo training and enjoy all the benefits of exercising your whole mind and body. We call it the ‘black belt mindset’ and it’s the philosophy behind our academy.


Taekwondo head to toe

Often seen as kicks only, taekwondo actually involves every major muscle group. The kicks engage lower limbs, back, glutes and core. The punching techniques work on arms, shoulders, upper body and abs. Meanwhile, the movements, combinations and routines that go along with the striking techniques work everything at once!

A taekwondo class can easily burn as many calories as non-stop jogging. Yet, instead of being solo and repetitive, it is varied, social and fun.

While it has a reputation for explosive acrobatics, that is only high-level “competition taekwondo”. There’s much more to the sport than fly kicks and sparring. We even have students who are over 60 that pursue the sport simply for the physical engagement of the classes.

taekwondo for adults


Taekwondo for boys, girls, adults and teens

At United Martial Arts, our taekwondo is classes can be broken into age group classes and open classes.

Age classes are divided into various year levels ranging from under-4s to under-14s. Lessons and exercises are matched to the physical, emotional and mental development of students.

Open classes are for late teens and adults. These are divided into different skill levels and take into account adult strength, flexibility and body proportions.

Whether you’re enrolling for yourself or your kids, you’ll learn alongside others at a similar age and level of proficiency. All under the supervision of accredited and experienced trainers.

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