Martial Arts Classes : Timetable

Looking for martial arts classes in Perth?

Turn to United Martial Arts to get fighting fit in a fun way.We run regular morning, afternoon and evening martial arts classes 6 days a week in Cockburn Central and Willeton.Focusing on a range of different age groups, skill levels and styles, you’ll find the class that’s perfect for you or your kids.

Best of all, there’s no reason not to come along. United Martial Arts offers  a FREE no-obligation trial class for all curious beginners.

About the classes:

  • Little Tigers(3~6yrs): Afternoon classes to develop confidence, focus and discipline in our youngest students. Fun, high energy and high engagement.
  • Panthers(7~9yrs) and Lions(10~14yrs): respect and a positive mindset.
  • Adult TKD: Taekwondo training involves an all-round program of aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. Build confidence through pursuing this Olympic sport.
  • Extreme weapons and kicking(6yrs & above) : This training is high-energy and features acrobatic moves and stunts. A spectacular, challenging and exhilarating way to get fit and have serious fun.
  • Olympic TKD sparring: A next-level taekwondo class that hones your sparring and pattern skills. It focuses on the rules, tactics and strategies for athletes and competitors.
  • MMA(10yrs&above): The martial arts sport that has swept the globe, MMA takes the best from many styles and melds them through a focus on practicality and situational awareness. The fun and fitness are a bonus!
  • Box kick & burn(Adults):  Lose weight, build strength and get fit with this fun group class. Whether you slog it out or step it up, you’ll get a full body workout without the full-contact aspect of other martial arts classes.



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