Adult Martial Arts

Adults TKD (15 & Above)

Martial arts is about complete personal fitness in mind, body and spirit. Adult martial arts classes really do offer something for everyone – men and women, teenagers to retirees.

At United Martial Arts, Perth’s leading taekwondo academy, we have created a unique place where you will develop the ‘black belt mindset’ while also training your body and building your confidence.


Which Martial Arts class should I take?

Each class will take you further along this journey. It’s fun and empowering, yet also a great way to get fit and learn practical self-defence skills.

Sign up for United Martial Arts and you will create winning habits and disciplines that will positively flow on to other areas of your life.


Benefits of martial arts training

Martial arts is far more than self-defence, it is a complete way of attaining balanced physical health and mental well being. No matter what your fitness, experience or skill level, there is so much you can achieve in a martial arts program:

  • High level of aerobic fitness
  • High core and muscle strength
  • Increased flexibility through safe and easy stretching techniques
  • Increased balance
  • Improved coordination skills
  • Sculpting and toning of muscles
  • Fat burning
  • Graded skills in the art form at every level
  • Self defence skills
  • Stress relief
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Breathing and concentration exercises will sharpen your reflexes, relieve stress and develop relaxation techniques.

You will realise that the power of the body and mind is the key to increased energy, self-discipline and fitness for a longer, happier life.


Martial arts for women

Often mistakenly seen as guys-only pursuit due to its roots in combat sports, women have actually participated martial arts for centuries. Like every practitioner, women get so much more from martial arts than just learning how to kick and punch.

First, martial arts is a superb for fitness. If you’ve taken boxing classes at your local gym, you know how much of a workout it is. But boxing is just your arms, while karate and taekwondo also bring in kicks and engage your core too – all in more complex, rhythmic and fluid combinations and routines.

Correct form also requires you to harmonise, harness and unleash your body’s energy through balance, breathing, spirit and mind. So, as well as cardio, martial arts also relies on control and power – helping to hone, tone and sculpt muscle. Lastly, all these benefits make karate or taekwondo great ways to release tension and relieve stress.


Mixed weapons

The next level of martial arts training is working with an implement that extends your physical mastery beyond your own body. Just as much as unarmed combat, training with weapons has been part of the unbroken legacy of martial arts for thousands of years.

By making the space your movements occupy larger, weapons training challenges your skills and presence of mind. To do this requires highly developed balance, coordination, posture and strength. At United Martial Arts, we offer you training in:

  • staff (bow staff)
  • nunchuk
  • sword
  • short stick (arnis stick).

Further, working with weapons includes resistance training as learning to safely control the weight and momentum of the weapon requires more strength than simply making the same movements empty-handed. And don’t forget – it’s a lot of fun too!


Box, kick and burn

Want to lose weight and build core strength?

This fun interactive class allows each student to work at their own pace, with a fun and varied full-body workout involving boxing, kicking and basic martial arts skills, with no physical contact.

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UMA Willetton

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