Extreme Martial Arts (XMA)

Extreme Weapons, Kicking and More

At United Martial Arts, we are proud to offer a wide range of different martial arts training and
courses, all designed to improve your fitness, reflexes and fighting technique. Xtreme Martial Arts (or XMA) training is a “free-style” type of martial art training, incorporating many elements of traditional martial arts, combined with high-impact, acrobatic and gymnastic moves such as flips and somersaults, with a strong emphasis on showmanship and performance. If you want to master some of the exciting and athletic martial arts moves that you see in the movies, then this is the course for you!


What will I learn in XMA training?

XMA is an exciting style of martial arts fighting with many techniques to learn. It is designed to
enhance the traditional martial arts style with more excitement, presentation and performance.
Some of the techniques and moves that our XMA course teaches includes:

  • Nunchaku –We teach the proper and safe techniques of nunchaku to improve reflexes, hand
    control, and other skills.
  • Bo Staff – Training with the Bo helps to develop balance, symmetry and strength.
  • High technique kicks – We will teach the proper techniques for moves like B twist, 720,
    Butterfly, 540 kicks etc. to improve fitness and skills without the risk of injury.
  • Gymnastic skills – Exciting moves like backflips, rolling jumping, cartwheels etc. to improve
    overall fitness, flexibility and reflexes as well as improve performance and showmanship
  • Choreography – Lean how to put all these moves together in an exciting and powerful

As with all of our classes, XMA will also help to teach discipline, fitness, focus, self-confidence and leadership skills.


Benefits of XMA training

XMA requires a lot of fitness and flexibility to master the moves and so it is a great way to improve your fighting technique while improving your overall fitness and reflexes. XMA is a great way to improve martial arts skills you may have already mastered, learn new moves and combine them in new and exciting routines.

If you are looking to improve your martial arts skills in a fun and exciting environment, then
contact us today to find out more!

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UMA Willetton

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