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Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a combination of several disciplines in one program that is designed not only to build fitness in a fun and varied curriculum, but also set to challenge students and prepare them with realistic and streetwise combat techniques.

Students will learn how to use both striking as well as grappling techniques both while standing and while on the ground.

Participants in this mixed martial arts course will learn:

  1. Effective kicking to use in real life combat situations or street wise kicking
  2. Tae Kwon Do
  3. Grappling (hapkido)
  4. Boxing
  5. Break falling
  6. Self-defence


Here are 5 benefits of training in MMA.

1.It is an excellent physical workout. Wrestling or grappling an opponent for about 3 minutes per round not only helps you burn calories but will also keep your heart in prime condition.

2. It enhances your overall body coordination. When fighting, it is crucial that punches, kicks, jabs and all other body movements flow together. MMA teaches people how to make accurate snap judgement of distance, determine the amount of force to apply, and react quickly in a short time in order to execute an effective attack and dodge an opponent’s offence. This cultivates good body symmetry.

3. Improves confidence. The knowledge and skill of MMA boosts the participants’ confidence and self esteem by knowing they can defend themselves adequately in the event of a physical confrontation or ambush.

4. Sharpens the mind and cultivates mental resilience.
MMA enables the participants to build mental resilience, determination and toughness by shaping their thought processes. In order to get the desired physical form and acquire the necessary skills, the participants need to push themselves constantly beyond their current physical limits. A significant portion of this involves overcoming mental barriers and maintaining the right mindset. By learning the various techniques of doing so, the student is able to acquire a robust figure and mental fortitude which inevitably enhance the quality of life.

5. It is an effective stress reliever. Just like regular exercise, MMA also helps relieve stress by elevating the production of endorphins (feel good hormones) into the blood. In addition, due to the nature of the sport, participants are also able to relieve stress through social interaction and a boost in self esteem.

All in all, MMA involves high intensity workouts with benefits that transcend normal exercising. When performed non-competitively it is a non-violent sport that can benefit just about anyone both physically and mentally. Regardless of your age, you are sure to benefit greatly by joining a training program. Schedule a class today. You’ll be glad you did.


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