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Box, Kick and Burn your way to your fitness goals

Box, Kick and Burn is different. Have you tried other exercise classes and not seen the results you deserve for the hard work you put in? Has it been a repetitive grind? Has the fun factor been lacking?

Now, with Box, Kick and Burn, have you just found a class that solves all those problems?

box, kick and burn fitness

What Box, Kick and Burn is all about

Box, Kick and Burn is a fun, upbeat and varied fitness program designed to unleash the physical power of your entire body.

it is designed to help you achieve your goals, and even enjoy a few benefits you didn’t expect. Whatever you want to focus on, you will also:

  • Build your core strength
  • Boost your aerobic fitness
  • Blast your weight loss goals.

And you’ll do it all while having fun alongside a great class in a positive environment. It’s safe too. You’ll only be trading encouragements, not blows, with the others in your class. Everyone gets their own punching bag, so there is no risk of bruises or black eyes.

Even better, you get to go at your own pace, strike with your own power and choose your own potential. Go for high power and high energy or for more balance and consistency, everyone is supported. In fact, support isn’t the problem, more often we have to ask people to slow down!

Box, Kick and Burn works!

Hundreds of everyday people like you have already achieved their weight-loss, cardio and core-strength goals while having a great time boxing, kicking and burning. According to their fitness trackers, some of our high-tempo students even burn 1000 calories in a single class.

Each session emphasises a different aspect of fitness, including:

  • Cardio
  • Steps
  • Circuit training
  • Weights
  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
  • Abs and lats.

All this while also teaching basic martial arts skills.

box, kick & burn

You’ve found the class you’ve been looking for, now you have to choose

Choose your mindset. Choose your positivity. Choose to try it. Keep consistent. You won’t want to give up.

No, you won’t see results overnight. But come back week on week and keep having fund and you’ll feel every class leaving you stronger and stronger, fitter and fitter.

So, let’s Box, Kick and Burn!

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UMA Willetton

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