Train with the DREAM TEAM direct from Korea!

We have assembled the strongest team to provide our members with the best Martial Arts training available in Australia. Their combined experience brings an unrivalled variety of skills to the arena and offer one of the most well-rounded and exclusive training programs in Australia. Here are 13 reasons why :

  1. All of our instructors are 5th Dan Kukkiwon certified and over.
  2. Our instructors are University Graduates in Taekwondo, highly trained in education, technique and competition.
  3. Our instructors are University graduates in Physical Education thus understand human movement and how to maximise the potential of the body without injury.
  4. Our instructors have been Korean National Taekwondo award winners and champions
  5. They have coached the National teams of China and Vietnam.
  6. They trained the South Korean military in Self Defence and martial arts
  7. They have worked as trained Body guards so bring together the best Self-defence training.
  8. They have had teaching and coaching experience in China, Canada, Korea, Greece, Australia, over 100 years of combined experience.
  9. Multi-talented in many different forms of Martial arts, varied skills, so we offer a wide program for MMA and Weapons
  10. All instructors are passionate and still practice the martial arts themselves with an attitude of NEVER ENDING IMPROVEMENT, thus we update ourselves and our programs to make it the best it can be constantly.
  11. All of our classes are staffed with at least 3 instructors, if not 4 per class, giving students the highest level of supervision, increased technique and performance.
  12. As our instructors are internationally certified, all gradings achieved at our school are world recognised.
  13. Learn Taekwondo from the Masters from Korea– the way it is meant to be practised.


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