Every child can benefit from participating in Martial Arts classes. Contrary to what some may believe, martial arts do not encourage violent behavior in children at all. In reality, it molds them into confident, disciplined, and responsible young people. According to experts, 3 to 6 is generally a good age to introduce your kids to a martial art but which discipline should you choose?

When you are not familiar with the different martial arts, it can be difficult to know which one will be best for your child. You want your kids to participate in a discipline that keeps them interested and engaged, encouraging them to grow into well-rounded individuals while still having fun.

It is preferable to find martial arts schools that follow a traditional approach for all-round character development with a low student-to-teacher ratio and friendly instructors. If they can evaluate your child before joining the school, they can help to find the class and instructor that is the best fit for them.

When choosing a martial art for your children you want to find a discipline that offers a well rounded training regime like taekwondo. Your choice will also be dependent on your child’s age, and what facilities are available in your area. Taekwondo is a great starting point for very young children. When they are older, they may want to move on to MMA (mixed martial arts) or weapons and kicking.

What skills and techniques are required?

Children don’t need any specific skills to commence participating in martial arts, they will be taught the skills they need as they progress with their lessons. Every teacher and dojo has a different and unique style. Taekwondo for example, will teach your child how to channel their energy into building both physical and mental strength and self control while having fun.

Older children may benefit from the additional variety and skills learned in Mixed Martial Arts. MMA uses all the skills of taekwondo combined with Grappling (hapkido), boxing and kicking for self defense. It is an excellent physical workout, builds mental strength and gives children self confidence knowing that they can defend themselves.

Is it right for your child?

Getting your child involved in learning martial art can teach them self defense, help them gain confidence, and develop self-discipline and control. With all these amazing benefits, you will be hoping your child will enjoy the classes and stay interested and engaged.

Attending martial arts classes provides kids with a sense of camaraderie and teaches them teamwork while having fun and making new friends. If your child doesn’t enjoy the classes you have chosen for them, you may need to try a different class, another school or even a different sport altogether. They may not be ready for this type of training and in some cases it is better for the child to temporarily withdraw them from classes and try again when they are a little older.

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