It’s never too early to introduce your little ones to taekwondo. Martial arts for kids helps to mold them into disciplined, responsible, and confident individuals.

Introducing your children to taekwondo sets goals for them and helps them to learn the skills to achieve these goals. They will also develop the strength and self-discipline to overcome setbacks along the way, how to get up and try again if they fall. Most importantly, they are going to learn how to treat others with respect. All of these skills will be useful in school, social situations and throughout life.

While it is true that there is no single martial art that covers every aspect of every discipline, taekwondo with its focus on striking a balance between mind, spirit and body is a well-rounded martial arts technique.

Taekwondo is more than kicks

Taekwondo is not just about kicks and strikes. It is an educational training system focused on building physical, mental and spiritual strength through encouragement and discipline. Students are taken on a path of gradual progress involving graded levels with milestones that build towards the long-term objective of all round mental and physical health.

Here is what taekwondo for kids involves:

1. Individual growth

Taekwondo for kids, especially if classes take a traditional approach, promotes individual growth, not team competition. Your kids don’t have to stress about ‘failing the team,’ the focus is on self-development.

Occasionally, the instructor might have a one-on-one with each child, ask them how they are, how they feel about their classes and their progress etc. This way the kids feel supported and see a friend in their instructors.

2. Mental health

Kids need to practice how to control their minds and thoughts so that they can be mentally strong and calm in difficult situations, like being bullied. They need to learn how to find a balance between good and bad.

Taekwondo promotes mental health by teaching kids self discipline, respect for others and teamwork in a relaxed atmosphere. Breathing exercises are practiced to help focus the mind and the physical activities help release anxiety and stress.

3. Physical health

What better way for children to discover what their body can do than with martial arts? Taekwondo’s routines help children to develop physical strength, keeping them active in a fun environment.

Classes usually involve a combination of full body and core-strengthening exercises like kicking drills, strikes, sit-ups, blocks, push-ups, etc. These help kids to develop flexibility, stamina and strength. Defense and attack movements are also taught, leading to better coordination, which is especially beneficial to kids with motor skills issues.

4. Social skills

What better place for your kids to thrive than in such a relaxed and fun atmosphere full of peers? Taekwondo classes offer friendship, encouragement and camaraderie with the aim of making every child feel like they belong. Even if they don’t have the same skill level as other kids, they will be supported in their efforts. The more advanced children will encourage and support your child and not show off, because the importance of treating others with respect is always emphasised in Taekwondo.

These are just some of the benefits your children will experience from participating in taekwondo classes. Children can start learning taekwondo from 3 to 6 years old. For further questions on martial arts, keep browsing our web pages.

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