Martial arts offers many benefits: it’s an amazing form of fitness, you’ll meet new people, and martial arts can improve your mental health.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in particular attracts many people for one core reason: it’s a great way to learn self-defense. Whether you’re a kid getting bullied or you’re uncomfortable walking to your car alone at night, knowing self-defense gives you peace of mind knowing that you can protect yourself if a bad situation arises.

Here’s everything you need to know about MMA and self-defense.

You’ll Learn Different Fighting Techniques

Fights are always unpredictable. Your opponent can be very skilled, can be bigger than you, and could have many other advantages over you. That’s why it’s helpful to know many different fighting techniques.

MMA helps combine different forms of martial arts, ensuring you have all bases covered. These fighting maneuvers range from kicking techniques to punches and even to grappling, depending on which fighting styles you learn.

MMA Teaches You to Be Calm

MMA has many mental health benefits. One of these factors is the ability to always stay calm, even when you’re in a bad situation.

During your training sessions, your coach will teach you different stress-relieving techniques. Some of these include proper breathing, controlling your emotions, and staying focused in the moment. All of these teachings will come in handy if you’re ever in a real-life fight.

You’ll Be in Shape

Even if your opponent is bigger than you, he/she won’t be able to fight for very long if they are unfit.

MMA keeps you physically fit in different ways. First, every class starts with a warm-up workout. This will not only help prepare you for your lesson but will also improve your strength and flexibility.

The advanced fighting techniques you’ll learn will test your endurance, improving your fitness results.

MMA vs. Street Fighting

Street fighting is an anything-goes fighting style and what you’ll likely encounter when you’re in a real-life fight. Street fighting uses methods that aren’t taught in MMA, such as hair-pulling and eye-gouging. But this doesn’t mean you will be at a disadvantage.

MMA fighters may not be taught these techniques but are taught to expect them. You will also learn how to counter these types of moves.

Street fighters do not know professional techniques, such as how to fight someone who is larger or faster. Overall, MMA training teaches more effective techniques than the methods used by street fighters.

Are You Ready to Learn Martial Arts for Self-Defense?

It’s always good to be prepared for the worst. If you want to learn how to defend yourself, it’s recommended you practice martial arts.

You’ll learn different fighting techniques, you’ll be in better shape, and you’ll train with a professional coach. You will also learn how to stay calm and be better prepared if you find yourself in a fight.

Are you ready to sign up for mixed martial arts? Contact us today to get started!

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