Due to the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, our lives have significantly changed and most of us are still trying to get used to our new daily habits and routines. It has become necessary to follow the safety guidelines outlined by our government and medical authorities. Doing so is crucial for the protection of ourselves and others during this challenging time. Adhering to social distancing guidelines means it is necessary to avoid large groups and gatherings while doing physical and sporting activities. These restrictions have meant classes, including taekwondo have had to be cancelled or have been restricted to taking limited numbers.

Thanks to technology and the Masters at United Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, you can now bring your taekwondo lessons to the safety and comfort of your living room. 

Taekwondo training at home: challenges to overcome

After making the decision to train at home, you will need to make some adjustments and take steps to make a smooth transition from a class environment to a solo situation.

Successful training in Taekwondo relies heavily on your mental strength and discipline which are more difficult to sustain without the personal encouragement of your instructors and classmates. 

The energy won’t feel the same training alone at home but with the aid of our OML (Online Martial arts Learning) you will almost feel like you are in a class.

If you have enough space to transform one of your rooms or an area of your living room into a dedicated training area or personal dojang, it may help you to make the adjustment to training at home.  There is no need for it to be expensive or complicated, you can set up a proper training environment with a few basics.

Benefits of Taekwondo training at home

While continuing your training at home during the pandemic restrictions may not be the same as attending lessons it is important to consider these following benefits:

Combat training improves mental strength and focus: social isolation can be detrimental to our mental and emotional wellbeing. By continuing with your taekwondo training, your body will release endorphins, which reduce stress and help you focus and remain positive.

It also prevents injuries: being idle and sedentary during social distancing can induce a number of physical health issues. Taekwondo training improves muscle strength and tone, controls your mood levels, and keeps your cardiovascular system running smoothly.

It improves mental health and discipline: as with all martial arts, taekwondo philosophies are centered around inner strength and self-discipline. It’s vital to continue your training sessions even during these challenging times so you don’t lose your focus and resolve.

You will enhance your memory skills: by training at home, you will increase your brain cell production and improve your cognitive processes. There are also studies linking the practice of martial arts to the prevention of mental illnesses such as early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

What do you need to start training at home?

The equipment you need for practicing taekwondo at home will depend on your training level  but a few basics should get you going. Ideally you will want:

  • A dedicated space where you can practice without distractions
  • Your online lessons and a device for viewing them on
  • A bag or pad for kicking and strike practice
  • A training partner, if you have a family member or housemate who also trains

At United Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, you will find all the help and services you need at the hand of experienced professionals – not only in Taekwondo and its philosophies but also in the transition from face-to-face lessons to virtual ones.

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