Break down the barriers that are stopping you from learning martial arts and enjoy the amazing physical, mental and emotional rewards it offers.

Many people mistakenly think that martial arts are only for the super fit, the young or those that like to fight and want to improve their techniques. While the many styles of martial arts each require different skills, there is a style to suit everyone regardless of age, fitness level, goals or experience. 

Taekwondo, MMA and the many other martial arts practices are sports and just like other sports they can be enjoyed at many different levels. The following are some of the barriers stopping people from taking up martial arts as a sport:

  • Belief that you need to start learning when very young
  • Doubting your ability to perform the moves
  • Believing you are not fit enough
  • You just want to exercise for fun
  • Fear of being injured
  • A fear of failing to work through the grades to black belt level

Let’s take a look at these reasons for not considering martial arts and break down some of the barriers. 

I’m too old to start

Martial arts are suitable for people of all ages, you are never too old to start. While older participants may have some physical limitations and it may take a little longer to master some of the moves, they can still benefit from practicing. 

I won’t be able to perform the moves

If you doubt your ability to successfully practice martial arts, you are not alone, many who have had their doubts when starting out have been pleasantly surprised at what they can achieve. 

I’m not fit enough

A lack of fitness isn’t a reason to avoid learning martial arts, it is a great reason to start, it works the whole body and builds fitness. 

I don’t want to compete

If participating in competitions and reaching high levels of achievement isn’t for you, why not join up just for fun? Participating in martial arts classes is a great way to make friends and have fun while getting fit and learning some great skills. 

I’m scared of being injured

A fear of getting injured is a common barrier preventing people from learning a martial arts practice. All classes are delivered in a supportive and encouraging environment and sparring activities are performed in a controlled manner, injuries are rare.

I’m scared of failing

Not everyone aspires to or is able to reach black belt level and the thought of trying to do so is daunting for some people. Like any other sport, you can practice at many different levels and while you are encouraged to constantly improve your skills and to strive for excellence you can work to your own ability.

The physical benefits of practicing a martial art are increased fitness and strength, improved balance and coordination, all over toning and increased flexibility. In addition to the physical benefits are improved concentration and focus, mind strength, patience, greater self respect and increased self confidence.

Whatever your age, fitness level, physical strength or aspirations are, make 2021 the year to knock down those barriers and have fun, get fit and build strength of body, mind and spirit with martial arts.

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