You are thinking of beginning Martial arts classes. This definitely will be more interesting than an aerobics session or an hour on the treadmill and exercise bike down at the gym.

Let’s take a look at some things you should consider.

Which martial art?

Each martial art has its own individual style, philosophy and moves. All of them are great for your physical health, improving your fitness and stamina. They will also boost your mental health, building confidence, leaving you calmer and helping to bust that daily stress.

You may want to begin with Taekwondo (TKD). An official Olympic sport, guaranteeing you a full-body workout with a like-minded, sociable class.

Box, Kick and Burn workouts are full-on aerobic workouts with a fun factor, including your own punchbag! Get fit, lose weight, have a laugh with your classmates.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes will quickly provide you with a serious advantage in a street fight. Most of us will probably need to defend ourselves, or others, at least once in our lives, so regular MMA classes will ensure you are fit as well as properly trained if you ever need to defend yourself.

Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) is spectacular and involves acrobatic and gymnastic styles and is often seen in the movies. Classes teach techniques using weapons including Nunchaku and Bo Staff, to further improve strength, coordination and balance.

United Martial Arts (UMA) offers all of these classes, for adults and children, with schedules designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Which school?

You will want to attend the martial arts school that is best for you. The school should have instructors who see you as an individual and will make time for you, as well as the class.

Is the school really concerned with the martial arts or are they just looking to profit from you?

Check out the premises. Do they have safe, padded floors and proper, reliable martial arts equipment and weapons?

Make sure the school has a selection of classes for your age group, with adults and kids in separate classes, and across a range of martial arts.

Do they offer you a free trial? Go ahead and try before you sign up.

Lead instructor, Master Kim, at UMA, has a background in military and martial arts training and has personally selected our trainers for their expertise and ability to work with students of all ages and levels.

Our purpose-built, safe, training facility was designed specifically for martial arts and we are delighted to offer you the chance of a free trial class for the UMA experience.

What are the benefits?

Just as any regular exercise class, you will quickly reap health benefits. As you get fitter, you will boost strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Each work out in class helps weight loss and speeds up your metabolism, to keep burning those calories.

Away from the repetitive routines at a standard gym, while a martial arts class will certainly get the blood pumping, you are also sharpening your mind. You will gain in confidence and feel calmer and your ability to handle stressful situations and make clear decisions will be improved.

Of course, martial arts are about self-defence and you will be learning skills that you may require in a real life combat or street-fighting situation one day.

At UMA, our classes are sociable and fun and our flexible timetables mean you can come when it suits your own schedule.

What happens at Beginner’s classes?

You will join classes with other students at various experience levels. During a training session you would expect to learn the basics, then begin with a warm-up for the lesson. A group session would involve practicing moves and techniques.

You are learning a new discipline that will make a big difference to your life. At UMA, our instructors take into account the varied levels of experience in the group and will make sure that you get the best training every time.

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